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    Are you ready to come along with us on an exciting human journey?


A European leader in temperature-controlled logistics and transport services, the Group carries fresh, frozen or thermosensitive products from the production to their consumption sites under the best conditions in terms of food safety, lead time and quality.

STEF Transports, Logistic, Martime. Turnover 2016 : 2825 M€

STEF 225 plateforms and wharehouses in 7 countries

STEF 15759 employees



young graduate with Master’s degree or equivalent qualification (from an engineering college, business school or other institute of higher education) who wants to fast-track his or her entry into the world of work.
The STEF Graduate Program allows recent graduates with potential
to live a unique experience and to take quickly responsibilities.

Taking part in the STEF Graduate Program involves:

  • Joining the European market leader in temperature-controlled transport and logistics services.
  • Sharing an adventure in a group with strong human values
  • Managing teams for our clients satisfaction

The different steps of the recruitment process

  • Stage 1 : a telephone interview to discuss your course, career plan and motivations
  • Stage 2 : a group or individual interview with the recruitment team
  • Stage 3 : an operational interview with your future site manager taking into account your mobility and the needs of the Group

Photo managers

A two-year course

  • Immersion in the field and familiarisation with the operational roles at a site

  • Various assignments alternating between managerial roles and project management

  • Preparing for your deployment after the course

A rewarding program that combines taking on responsibilities, training, developmental assessment and mentoring to allow you to grow both personally and professionally.


Giorgia I.


For our young Graduates, starting work in a company such as STEF is a great career opportunity that allows us to grow professionally.
Over the first four months, I was trained in the various departments before becoming involved in a new operational project for Out-of-home foodservices. What struck me? I quickly realised that the four values of the Group – enthusiasm, respect, reliability and performance – really are played out on a day-to-day basis and shared among all the staff. One year after entering the Graduate Program, I know I made the right choice. Today, I would recommend this course to all those who want to prove themselves in a complex and fascinating world.

Charles G.


I joined the STEF Graduate Program in 2004, having just graduated from ENSAM engineering school. I was seeking managerial experience and a medium-term project in a company showing genuine human values. At STEF, I had a good feeling right from the get-go. The course allowed me to find my place within the Group. In 2012, I was appointed as site manager, after which I became an account manager for a major player in Retailers. Today, I’m a Logistics Business Line Manager for the Group, working with seven countries across Europe.

Arlette N. T.


I joined the STEF Graduate Program three years ago at the Rouen site. After my course, I became a quality/performance manager. The program provides a genuine opportunity to get to know the different roles within the Group and, above all, to make the most of your qualities and skills while taking on responsibilities. If you, too, are hoping to maximise your chances of having a successful career, don’t hesitate any longer, it can happen with STEF!

Maxime B.


At the end of my Master’s degree in international logistics, I had my internship with STEF in Angers. I appreciated the standards, the desire for performance and customer-focus of the Group, so I joined the STEF Graduate Program in 2016. Since then, I’ve been given a number of operational responsibilities as a leader of the operations teams.

Bruno G.


I have been part of the STEF Graduate Program since 2016. It is a fantastic experience, professionally and personally, in particular because the Group gives me the chance to put my leadership skills and expertise to work in the fields of transport and logistics. After one year at STEF, I was promoted to the position of Manager, in an illustration of the trust which the Group places in young people. I recommend STEF to any one who feels capable of taking on a market and reality that will put them to the test every day!

Lucia G.R.


I started the STEF Graduate Program in 2014. Now I have a job as a Logistics Manager, which I really love, at the STEF site in Getafe, Madrid. Throughout the course, I got to know all the departments within the company and make the most of different types of training, all with the support of my mentor. I recommend the STEF Graduate Program because STEF is the leader in the field and provides development opportunities that instil the right values, as well as nurturing the human qualities within each team.


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